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Hanny Wong-Regrut has joined the sales team at Arenson Office Furniture, expanding their sales force and coming on the heels of Arenson’s recent showroom enhancements.

With a background in business administration and over 30 years in the San Diego furniture community to her credit, Ms. Wong-Regrut brings to Arenson’s clientele her significant experience and expertise, including:

• Office design, layout, and floorplan maximization
• A unique ability to extend client budgets
• Delivery expedition, improving the company’s ability to work within tight time frames
• Project management and anticipation of potential issues long before they become problems

Ms. Wong-Regrut will be taking a lead role in managing client relationships, training and supervising Arenson’s sales team, and managing inventory. She will also be active in showroom presentation strategy development.

Serving San Diego’s office furniture market since 1975, Arenson Office Furniture views its customers as partners in the design and purchasing process. President Perry Arenson drives his team hard to understand the unique needs of each client, offering solutions and recommendations tailored to those needs and bringing the client’s vision to life.

“I’ve known Hanny for years, and always found her to be personable, professional, and talented,” says Mr. Arenson of the company’s newest addition. He adds “We’re very excited to have Hanny joining the Arenson family.”

Arenson Office Furniture’s showroom is located at 8185 Camino Santa Fe in San Diego. They can be found online at, and can be reached by phone at 858-453-2411.



Picture the expectant mood at your office the day the new desks, files, seats, and tables arrive, all shiny and new. Everything’s wonderful…until the equipment and accessories arrive and are installed. Much to the office manager’s dismay, things don’t fit as envisioned. Staff isn’t happy, and that promised seamless transition can only be described as a disruptive logistical nightmare.

To avoid these kinds of problems, Arenson Office Furniture provides a free office design service for each of our customers. It helps us both make decisions and avoid costly misunderstandings. It tests our decisions and assumptions while there’s still time to change your mind.

We’ll meet at your office, then invite you to come to our showroom to see, touch, and try out all your options. And you’ll find us to be flexible, creative, and knowledgeable enough to give you exactly what you need, both for today and tomorrow.

And did we mention our huge selection of office furniture?

Arenson Office Furniture has been serving San Diego’s commercial furniture market since 1975. Over the years we’ve learned that dimensions and equipment clearances may technically work on paper, but there’s nothing more valuable than simulating the proposed space and demonstrating in a tangible way the difference between budget-imposed minimums and best practices.

A trial run of the space can refine the design experience while discovering issues that might be impossible to realize. Ultimately, it results in a better space that satisfies your needs, stays within your budget, and delivers a better user experience.

And getting started is as easy as easy as pushing a button.



Dated healthcare waiting room rooms can add unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation. Designers should do their best to provide comfortable spaces for patients and their family members. Here are five must-haves when designing—or updating—healthcare waiting rooms.

Whether you’re working in healthcare, education, manufacturing, for-profit, or non-profit, plan to stop by the Arenson Showroom for some clever ideas and creative office furniture solutions, and learn why we’re still the first stop for San Diego’s office furniture needs.

Don’t have time to stop by? Call us (858-453-2411), shoot us an email or ask for us to visit you in person.




Arenson Office Furniture has been all about choice and flexibility since we first opened our doors in 1975. For us that means enabling your team members to get away from their work stations and helping them find break-out spaces, conference rooms, cafés, and a long list of options in-between.

Because, like you, we know that connections and networking happen at a moment’s notice. Sometimes that million dollar idea is prompted by a casual conversation in the hallway or at lunch…and we want to help.

Carefully examining thousands of furniture options, we’ve found Deskmakers tables that are designed around the way people work, learn and interact. Building on this knowledge, Arenson has invested huge amounts of time and effort developing a premier partnership with Deskmakers.

Working together, we’ve brought you a variety of tables to support any type of activity. From conference tables to collaborative tables, private spaces to training areas, we offer everything you need to support a productive work environment.

Consider the gorgeous Confluence Parsons Tables pictured above; versatile, tasteful, and perfect for meetings, dining, and interactive technology areas. They have optional wire management and power/data grommets to allow you to connect at any time, and come in both sitting and standing heights.

And did we mention the 264+ different combinations of sizes, colors, materials, and accessories, guaranteeing we’ve got something to suit your space, style, taste, and budget.

We like working with Deskmakers. Like every member of Arenson’s professional team, we’ve always found them to be passionate about helping customers furnish beautiful office work spaces for every type of business and non-profit need.

And by offering an endless array of finish options, sizes, materials, and configurations, both Arenson and Deskmakers are recognized as the ultimate source for design flexibility in office furniture.

Stop by the Arenson Showroom for some clever ideas and creative office solutions, and learn why we’re still the first stop for San Diego’s office furniture needs.

Don’t have time to stop by? Call us (858-453-2411), shoot us an email or ask for us to visit you in person.



The idea of a break area is nothing new, of course. Offices have always had dedicated spaces to grab a cup of coffee, eat your lunch, or hang out with friends and co-workers. And while many workplaces now have breakout rooms resembling residential kitchens or hipster cafes, they still scream “WORK!”

But what if your staff needs to unwind and chill out, or even take a nap? Enter the Recharge Space, an idea gaining traction and including everything from giant beanbags for power naps to meditation spaces with yoga mats. We’ve even heard of some that include saunas.

Here’s the thing: staffers who are mentally drained are neither creative nor productive. A recharge room allows staff to…well, to recharge. It’s a personal, private space closed off from outside stimuli. And though you may see such a space as a luxury, companies like Hubspot that have installed hammocks in their recharge rooms are reaping the benefits of staffers willing to work harder, longer, and contribute more to the bottom line.

Need some ideas to make your office more productive? Come down to our new and improved showroom and ask for Perry. Or call us at 858-453-2411 for more information. Or just visit us online at



And it’s GORGEOUS! From the carpeting to the merchandise, everything is new and ready for your inspection. Okay, Perry and the gang are still here, but everything ELSE is new. From desks and workstations to seating and storage, we’ve got it all. Panels, conference tables, and ergonomic accessories…if it’s office furniture, you’ll find it here at Arenson.

But don’t just look at the pictures – come down to our new and improved showroom and see for yourself. Need more information? Call us at 858-453-2411, or visit us online at






According to a recent survey, 41% of office workers agree they’d like to be able to adjust their working height and favor a sit/stand arrangement. Research has proven that adopting a sit/stand setup in your office can help fight the heightened health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Current common wisdom holds that sitting is the new smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle…bad for everyone…is especially risky for an older workforce.

The Professional Furnishings Team at Arenson Office Furniture has spent over 40 years staying ahead of trends and predicting what your staff will need tomorrow. Stop by the Arenson Showroom for some clever ideas and creative solutions, and learn why we’re still the first stop for San Diego’s office furniture needs after 43 years.

Don’t have time to stop by? Call us (858-453-2411), shoot us an email or visit us online to arrange for us to visit you in person.




Chances are you’re still working in an office designed to support an idea of work that’s 100 years old. Looking towards the future, here’s what we see:

More shared tables

Humans learn best in teams, and the team’s space is their home base. It should foster a sense of team territory and belonging, and play a key role in orienting the individual to the team identity.

The team’s space is where their knowledge is located. This means surfaces must be writable: walls, space dividers and even tabletops. Creative teams saturate their spaces with inspiration. Productive teams use space to visualize workflow.

Some private space

Even with group creativity on the rise, private space is needed for quiet contemplation, reflection and a place to recharge.

Some in-between space

Those 30-second conversations in the hallway can turn into more if you provide room for just a few folks to park themselves and explore ideas.

All furniture should be moveable

Creative space should be as flexible as the creative process. Making your furniture moveable sends the signal that you don’t want “the box” to even exist.

Private executive offices will disappear

Shifts in employee demographics have changed supervisory needs. Say goodbye to micromanaging bosses and replace them with coaches who also participate in the day-to-day activities.

Translation: Space signaling hierarchy is space that destroys initiative and the appetite for failure that is the only route to deeper learning.

Arenson Office Furniture has spent over 40 years keeping current and knowing what’s coming next. Come by our showroom to see what’s evolving and how to best satisfy your team’s needs. Or give us a call at (858) 453-2411 with your questions, and invite us to come visit you at your place.