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There has been a slow and steady trend towards Terrariums lately as they work their way onto the tables and countertops of the design world, replacing the enduring Orchid from its long-held throne in countless offices and retail stores across the country.

Terrariums, and especially succulent terrariums, have become a major accent piece for interior designers and landscapers this year as they’ve expanded their reach beyond the traditional office and retail settings into new territory such as food services, bathrooms, game rooms, and healthcare offices.

Other types of popular terrarium plants include ferns, air plants, and carnivorous plants such as Venus Fly and Pitcher plants. Part of the popularity stems from their quick service, low maintenance nature, their space saving size, and sheer fascinating beauty that anyone who encounters them will notice.

Terrariums can be customized with decorative items and beautiful containers, or they can be masterpieces of design and technology, equipped with fog machines, sensors, and light displays that allow them to be placed in areas where other plants wouldn’t be able to survive.



As more employees reconfigure their work days to include telecommuting, remote-based work, and collaborative meetings, the number of dedicated office desks may decrease. You should perform an audit to make sure employees are not only using their desks, but that their personal work space meets their productivity and comfort levels.

Not all office desks are created equal. Adjustable height desks, treadmill workstations, data-integrated personal tables, and “wireless” desks are swiftly dominating modern commercial workspaces for one simple reason: they adapt to the employee’s needs, they don’t require the employee to adapt to it.

–Inc. Magazine



AT ARENSON OFFICE FURNITURE, we understand the ergonomic benefits of height-adjustable workspaces…

We love how our adjustable bases coordinate with our systems and desks…

And we believe ESI Triumph electric height table bases are the PERFECT solution!

Supporting the increasing popularity of sit-to-stand workstations, Triumph height-adjustable bases deliver a healthier style of working by allowing a seamless transition between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Because the human body wasn’t meant to sit for hours on end, standing allows the body to circulate blood and oxygen while regulating blood pressure and increasing the ability to focus while combating fatigue.

Incorporate standing-height work surfaces into any open or private office plan or training spaces, and start promoting a healthier way to work. Browse our expanded website ( now, or visit our showroom today, and enter to win your own adjustable height table at’re giving away three of them, but it’s like the old saying – You gotta be in it to win it!