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Many new businesses start after the holidays, so here are a few ideas to make sure you have everything you need to get going. Because whether you’re equipping your first office or just re-stocking your current one, you want to make sure your operation is running smoothly. Make sure you have the following:

Desk                                                                                              First-aid kit

Comfortable chair                                                                        Fire extinguisher

File cabinets                                                                                 Alarm system

Overhead and work lighting                                                          Recycling bin

Client seating                                                                               Wastebasket

Fireproof safe                                                                             Postage meter

Desktop and pocket calculators                                             Photocopier

Bookcases                                                                                   Paper shredder

Worktables                                                                                   Radio

Conference area                                                                          Office decorations

Wall whiteboard and markers                                                Labeling machine



Of course there are countless options when it comes to desks, seating, storage and conference tables, and we’re happy to walk you through the whole process. Stop by the Arenson showroom today for a few ideas.



Studies show collaborating leads to greater creativity and innovation. So more businesses are intentionally designing collaborative office spaces to encourage natural interaction in the workplace. Consider: An office with larger desks allows more than one employee to work together comfortably in the same space. Throw in sofas or other group seating options to encourage spontaneous brainstorming sessions and you’ve got dynamic creativity.

Obstructions (walls, doors, large room dividers) get in the way of communications, so many groups are minimizing them to allow workers to see and hear each other better. Office needs will shift from individual work to small group sessions to large meetings. To accommodate these changes, look to reconfigurable office furniture to help employees optimize their work spaces for collaboration. Common-sense considerations for collaborative furniture design should include: • Larger desks • Easy-to-move desk chairs • Sofas and settees • Coffee tables • Room dividers and partitions

Looking for more ideas? Not sure where to get started? Stop by our showroom or give us a call at 858-453-2411 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


You’ve considered what makes your business unique, and made sure to include your company’s personality into your marketing materials and website But…does your office reflect your personality? Even if your answer’s “NO”, that’s probably going to change in the coming year with the increasing rise of playful, contemporary office environments.

Look around and you’ll see explosions of bright, vibrant colors with a distinctly modern edge. Millennials are increasingly encouraging employers to incorporate fun and loosen guidelines within the workspace, replacing traditional layouts and current standards of corporate aesthetics.

From indoor trees and slides to private seating booths and eccentric murals, it seems like anything goes these days. Designers are increasingly bringing familiar elements from home into work environments, and in so doing are successfully attracting workers of all ages into the office.

What’s all this do for you? Playful designs are proving to be a BIG hit, helping workers and visitors to be less stressed and to work more.

Not sure what will work in your office? Stop by the Arenson showroom for a few ideas.



People’s working habits have changed…and so has office furniture. You’ll see it just by looking around your own organization, which probably has employees who telecommute, work remotely, or hold collaborative meetings to accomplish company goals.

To accommodate these transitions in the workplace, many businesses are now providing shared desks or couches with pull-up desks. Others offer desks with built-in, easily accessible charging stations for staffers who stop in, work for an hour or two, and leave.

And let’s not forget standing desks, treadmill desks, and desks with adjustable heights as a great way to keep employees healthy, motivated, and productive.

Want to see the latest and greatest in flexible workspace? Stop by the Arenson Office Furniture showroom.



Here’s the next trend to keep an eye on: People who are in the office doing the work will actually get the most space to do their jobs.

Sounds logical, right? But we’ve observed the overwhelming majority of office real estate has typically been allocated based on title, regardless of who’s actually in the office turning ideas into reality. Meaning managers in the office 10% of the time could get 90% of the square footage, merely because their title is bigger.

However, as the Millennial Generation more firmly takes hold in the workplace, look for a more egalitarian approach to the distribution of office space. Younger employees have apparently concluded that if the folks doing the work don’t have enough space to get their jobs done, the big shots won’t have an office to come back to…regardless of its size.




Creativity is no longer limited to 30-second chats in the hallway. One of the newest trends we’re observing is the use of mini conference tables for so-called “touchdown space” in each department. These are supposed to foster spontaneous conversations that can develop into inspiration. Installing comfortable seating and technology ports into these work areas can make your workspace more efficient and comfortable for the end-user.