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Conference rooms come in all sizes and shapes.  From small two-person rooms to large auditorium style conference halls.  There is specific furniture that is built for these varied type of conference rooms and Arenson Office Furniture has access to a wide range of options.  Some considerations when choosing conference room furniture are:

  1. Size of the room – This will dictate the size of the conference table. It is prudent to have a minimum of least 48” of space from the edge of the conference table to the wall at any given point.    This allows for seating and space behind the seating for people to move around the table freely.
  2. Technology – Will you want electrical outlets, phone charging pads, data/HDMI and A/V wiring to be built into the conference table? We have the ability to add power to your tables with a variety of different power/data units.
  3. Seating – Many conference rooms use static arm, caster-based seating options. Depending upon how long you expect your meetings to go, you will want to provide comfortable chairs with some ergonomics properties.  Design and style are also a large part of the decision for seating in a conference room.   If this is the room that you meet your future business prospects and current clients – it will need to be professional.
  4. Type of table – Not only are there different shape tops, there are different types of table edges to consider for conference rooms. Oval, rectangular, boat-shape, round or square are the more standard choices, but there are other variations that we can help you with.  In terms of finishes, you can select from solid wood, laminate, or a phenolic top.  The edge bandings of the table can also be mixed and matched between the options.

As you can see there are many options for a conference table.  At Arenson Office Furniture we can help you navigate the process and select the right conference room table for your requirements and business purpose.

Conference room with a white panel for black or white board, table with blue cushioned seats
a small meeting room with a white board at the fron, tv screen on the side wall, a brown table with yellow and grey chairs
Long wooden conference table with light gray stands and black office chairs
A conference room with glass windows, dark brown conference table and white office chairs
A conference room with glass windows with blinds, light brown conference table and white office chairs
Industrial conference room setting with black chairs, a long brown table, black chairs, and glass walls


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