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Training rooms are best when you are looking for flexibility.  Folding and rolling chairs and tables offer the greatest functionality for multiple arrangement options.  Included in the tables can be technology and power accessories for working sessions.  The benefit of having folding and rolling chairs and tables is that you can set up as few or as many tables as needed and keep the surplus neatly in the corner.  The tables can also be ganged together to make teaming space for meetings or even short-term special projects.   When you add folding and rolling chairs and training tables to your office furniture mix you are adding a dimension of “more” to your entire office space. These tables and chairs can be easily moved to areas that need them the most – be it the training room or an executive office for an impromptu meeting.

Arenson Office Furniture can help you locate and select the right training room furniture for your space. Tables and chairs that will not only function well in the training room but also in areas beyond.

well lit conference room with light tan cabinets, long conference tables with apple green office chairs.
conference room with a tv screen on the wall, and a U-shaped dark brown table and white office chairs
minimalist training room with white and blackboard at the front, long white tables, black drawers, and white office chairs
A modern looking classroom with light blue tables and apple green chairs, with a blackboard and white board at the front
Training room with light gray flooring, white board at the front, gray and white tables with black chairs
Training room full of foldable wide tables and comfortable chairs


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