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There are many different ways to divide space.  The important factors to consider are:

What type of work is the user doing – This will identify the size of workstation needed. Employees that work with blueprints and large-scale paper items must have a work area that can support that.  A computer-only worker who handles very little paper on the other hand, can use the minimum amount of space.

How private should the space be?  Tall walls or short walls? Do you expect the team to work together freely to move projects forward – if so then short walls are appropriate.  If the employees need more privacy and quieter work conditions, then you will need panels that are 65”h – 80”h.

How much storage is needed for the job tasks?  A simple mobile or freestanding box and file drawer are the current trends for workspaces, but some employees need access to binders and reference items that can best be stored in overhead storage areas or in bookcases.

Ergonomic considerations – Freedom of movement is the key to a healthy work environment. Sit/Stand worksurfaces, keyboard trays and monitor arms are all good considerations, no matter the job task.

These are just a few of the many areas you need to think about when planning a workstation environment.  Arenson Office Furniture can help you with the design and planning for your workstation space.  We work with multiple manufacturers and can provide you with the solutions you need that are within your budget.

Neat workstation with dark gray walls, light gray floor, white seats, Apple green office chairs and dividers
long wooden tables, grey dividers, with white drawers.
office setting with brick walls, workstations with brown tables, light brown drawers, and black and brown office chairs
curvy work stations with light orange and grey dividers, and orange office chairs
a 4-part workstation with tan and brown dividers, white tables, brown drawers, and orange office chairs
Bright office room with worstations separated by light grey dividers, with brown drawers under white tables, and a black office chair.


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