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Desk Furniture Solutions

Command and control your everyday tasks with the right desk.

The type of work you do greatly influences the type of desk you need. Do you need a wide, open surface to get creative and spur ideas? Do you need to stay highly organized with storage options to keep sensitive material accessible yet secure? Your desk not only fosters your daily productivity, it becomes your private space for concentrating and achieving.

  • laminateLaminate.
    If your business could benefit from easy-to-clean or antibacterial desks, laminate is the option for you. Other benefits of laminate include flame-retardant, stain-resistant, and affordable prices.
  • veneerVeneer.
    Veneer provides the look and feel of wood without the cost. Enjoy the aesthetic of real wood furniture with veneer’s durability, versatility, and easy maintenance.
  • metalSteel.
    Steel desks are perfect for businesses that need the most durable chassis drawers for long-term, heavy, or high-traffic use. Their affordability makes steel a great option for staying within budget.
  • u shapeU-shape.
    U-stations give you complete, unique command of your workstation with space enough for multiple computer screens and versatile options for storage and filing.
  • l shapeL-shape.
    Whether you need to lace your home office with a work surface or configure a design for a large open space, L-shape desks provide surfaces that can be easily arranged.
  • reception deskReception Desk.
    Your reception desk is the portal through which prospective clients or patients get to know your business. We’ll help you keep it professional, functional, and welcoming.
  • adjustable tableAdjustable Height.
    Sit/stand desks give you and your employees healthy options to move about while achieving daily goals. They have been proven to improve mood, reduce back pain, and boost productivity.

Arenson Office Furniture is your trusted partner for navigating the world of desk furniture. We’re here to help you take every factor into consideration so you get a customized, affordable desk solution for your business that makes the most of your workstation space. And we stay by your side through planning, design, installation, and beyond.


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