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Workstation Furniture Solutions

Divide and conquer.

Are you an engineering firm that needs wide work surfaces? Or is your business mostly computer-oriented? When dividing space in any work environment, you need to account for scalability, storage, type of work, and more. Arenson Office Furniture brings over four decades of experience in designing workstations to your business. We help you create the environment that meets the needs of every worker.

  • cubiclesCubicles.
    The right panel system doesn’t isolate or confine workers. Instead it promotes concentration, allows for privacy, and simultaneously provides freedom of movement. Depending on how quiet and private your workers need to be, we help you consider panel height, storage and filing, and collaboration requirements for your cubicle setting.
  • benchingBenching.
    Do you have an open-air workstation environment? Whether you need workstations for a small company or for 50+ seats, modern benching encourages communication and productivity. Configure the right benching system for your business that fits your style and is scalable when adding and removing workstations.
  • adjustable tableAdjustable Height Tables.
    Support your employees’ well-being by giving them the option to sit or stand at their workstation. Adjustable height desks and sit/stand work surfaces offer options for employee comfort, create a flexible office space, and promote a healthier work environment.

Arenson Office Furniture is your trusted partner to assist your employees conquer each day. Our relationships with our vendor partners mean you get a solution that is customized to your specific needs, and we stay alongside you for any future upgrades or reconfigurations.


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