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Office Chairs and Seating Solutions

From break rooms to exam rooms, the right seating arrangement supports your daily achievements.

Whether you are trying to outfit an entire office with the right seating or just trying to find that one, perfect chair for your home office, Arenson Office Furniture helps you take every factor into account – from fabric to size to purpose. We believe your office chair solution should deliver both comfort and functionality so you look forward to spending the day in your work space.

  • Leather.
    Leather office chairs provide a luxurious, high quality seating experience that will serve you for years to come and require little maintenance.
  • Mesh.
    The breathe-ability of mesh office chairs is perfect for workers who want air circulation around the body and who may work in hotter environments.
  • Stacking & Nesting.
    Quickly rearrange any learning or office space with chairs that stack, nest, and fold away so your environment can adapt to the people in it.
  • Task.
    The right task seating takes into account ergonomic features, style of chair, type of seat cover, and what purpose the chair will serve.
  • Big and Tall.
    For people with longer legs and heavier builds, the right chair should account for seat slide and tilt tension adjustment, adjustable arms, and back height.
  • Executive.
    High-back design and premium fabrics distinguish executive seating from the rest of the office and provide comfort through tough decision-making.
  • Stools.
    Informal seating options give break rooms and lounge areas a relaxed vibe for socializing, taking a breather, and recharging.
    Guest. Guest chairs create an inviting reception space so you can make visitors feel at ease and comfortable.
  • Conference Seating.
    Sleek designs make the right conference room chairs suitable for multi-hour-long meetings and comfortable collaboration.

The right office chair can reduce strain on the back, hip, and leg if your work requires long periods of seated time, but it can also make employees more productive and happier at work. If your organization needs seating for one or for thousands, Arenson Office Furniture is your trusted partner for consulting, designing, and installing the seating solution that combines comfort with purpose.


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