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Office Furniture Accessories

Customize your office furniture solution with the right finishing touches.

It’s the little things that count, and office furniture accessories are no exception to that rule. The right additions to your chairs, desks, shelving, or computer space can elevate your furniture solution so that it doesn’t just work for you, it is an environment you, your employees, students, or patients look forward to being in.

  • chair matChairmats.
    Protect your flooring with chairmats in a range of shapes, styles, and materials. Chairmats hug carpets and safeguard hardwood for both damage prevention and workspace definition.
  • monitor armsMonitor Arms.
    If your computer display or multiple screens need elevation or specific arrangement, monitor arms provide flexibility in your workspace. Move monitors up and down, swivel them 360 degrees, or adjust height with ease.
  • lightingLighting.
    from dozens of lighting solutions – from high-efficiency workstation lighting to recessed task lights – so you can create your ideal vibe for your workspace. Whether you need cool or bright, warm or dark, the right lighting will fit your desired atmosphere.
  • powerPower/Data.
    Efficiently route cables and cords around furniture and walls so your power and data outlets are accessible yet unobtrusive. We’ll help you design the placement of electrical and USB outlets to advanced data ports.
  • keboard traysKeyboard Trays.
    Keep your keyboard placement comfortable with trays that fit right into your desk space. Retractable trays offer efficient use of your office space as you can keep your keyboard out of sight when not in use.
  • comm boardsCommunication Boards.
    Make sure the ideas stay flowing around your office with whiteboard options, mobile chat boards, floating boards, or custom ways to display information to keep everyone on the same page.

Arenson Office Furniture is your trusted partner for sorting through the hundreds of office furniture accessory options and determining which are best for your work space. We’re here to guide you to the accessories that will enhance your office and fit neatly into your budget.


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