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Furniture for Government Offices: What Furniture Does Your Agency Need?

February 26th, 2022 | Best Office Furniture

Government agencies are some of the busiest workplaces anywhere in the world.  They employ millions of people and on a daily basis, deal with huge amounts of paperwork, data entry, and transactions from citizens.

The role that properly functioning office furniture plays in all this can’t be overstated. The right kind of furniture is not only more comfortable for employees to sit on for extended periods while they’re working at their computers or filing paperwork, but it can also actually help to increase productivity.

Office furniture in San Diego suppliers like Arenson can help you make the right choice. We don’t just provide workplaces with the best desks and chairs, but we also have the critical eye to ensure every piece works together. Our workspace design experts can easily guide you on which furniture caters to both your employees’ needs and their productivity.


Seven key pieces of furniture for government offices every agency needs

Cherryman Amber L shape Desk with Computer Corner

Cherryman Amber L shape Desk with Computer Corner

Office Desks

The desk is the most important piece of furniture for government offices. It should be big enough to fit all of your necessary supplies and have plenty of storage for files and documents.

The Cherryman Amber L-shape Desk with Full Height Pedestals has all the features every government employee needs. The file drawers accommodate both letter and legal filing with a lock. The desk also comes with grommets for data and power cable on all work surfaces. The Cherryman Amber L-shape desk is available in 5 finishes: Valley Grey, Hard Rock Maple, Mocha Cherry, Black Cherry, and Park Walnut. 


Space Air Grid Big and Tall Mesh Back Chair

Space Air Grid Big and Tall Mesh Back Chair

Ergonomic Chair

A comfortable chair is essential for long hours in the office. Make sure to choose one with good back support.  

The Space Air Grid Big and Tall Mesh Back Chair is a dual-layer Air Grid back and black mesh seat ergonomic chair with adjustable lumbar, 2-way adjustable arms, and industrial steel finish base. This chair is designed to distribute the body’s weight evenly over a wider area, which helps to reduce pressure points and increase blood flow. 


Catalina Bookcase Cubbies

Catalina Bookcase Cubbies


A bookcase is a great way to organize your office and store extra supplies or materials. In government agencies, bookcases are necessary for storing policies and procedures manuals, employee handbooks, reports, plans, charts, letters and memos.

Catalina Bookcase Cubbies provide a flexible free-flowing approach to grab and go storage and display. Lockers, cubbies, and islands come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations allowing easy planning. 

Modular by design, Catalina storage provides a level of customization ideal for today’s dynamic work environments. 


Cherryman Amber Lateral File Cabinet

Cherryman Amber Lateral File Cabinet

Filing Cabinet

A filing cabinet is necessary for storing important documents and keeping your office organized. Government agencies require filing cabinets to secure important documents like contracts, purchase orders, tax documents, census data, and more.

The Cherryman Amber Standard Vertical File Cabinet is available in colors: Mahogany, Cherry, Black Cherry, Maple, Walnut (shown), and Valley Grey. It will accommodate letter or legal-size hanging files. The drawers include front mounted gang locks and ball-bearing slides. 


Ribbon Conference Table and Credenza copy scaled

Ribbon Conference Table and Credenza copy scaled

Conference Table 

Government agencies often hold meetings for various groups of people. Choose a conference table with enough room to accommodate all the attendees at once, plus additional space on the side for papers and supplies. The table should be ergonomic and the chairs around it adjustable.

The Ribbon Series Conference Table features a sleek and signature base design that slightly twists and tapers creating the striking visual that is Ribbon’s namesake. 

Designed for DeskMakers by Henner Jahns, the Ribbon Casegoods collection blends classic design with a mid-century modern aesthetic. Tops are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Optional power/data units can be added along with wire management to hide wires. 


RSI EZCube Cubicles

RSI EZCube Cubicles

Office Partition

An office partition is essentially crucial for government agencies as it can help you create privacy when needed and also serves as a decorative element in the room. And with the heightened awareness of health risks due to the pandemic,  these partitions can help you create a better work environment by reducing the amount of viral transmission. 

The RSI EZCube Cubicle is easy to design, easy to install, and easy on your budget. All you need to do is pick the layout you want, pick one of the three work surface color options and your work stations can be shipped in 10 days upon request.


What is the role of office furniture in any workplace?

The role of any office furniture in the workplace is to provide comfort and support for employees so they can perform their tasks in an efficient manner. If employees are uncomfortable, it will affect the quality of the work being done.

This is particularly important for government agencies that do not have a lot of funding but need to be productive nonetheless. Good office furniture is worth the investment because it saves money in the long run through lower turnover rates and increased productivity.

The choices of furniture for government offices depend on the type and size of the agency, budget constraints, and personal preference. All the furniture featured in this article are great options, but may not be the best options for you. We have a wonderful variety of other fantastic brands and products that may be just what you’re looking for. If you need help in designing your agency workspace, give us a call at Arenson Office Furniture. 



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