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How to Create a Welcoming Reception Area

June 29th, 2021 | Best Office Furniture

Your business’ reception area makes the first impression on visitors. It is the first thing they’ll see and oftentimes, it is where they wait until someone comes to meet them. If you want to make the right impression, you need to make sure your reception area gives off a comfortable and welcoming vibe.

The size of your reception area should be in direct proportion to the business size and industry you are involved in. The associated cost in designing a sophisticated and stylish reception area greatly depends on the extent of your business’s operation. If you’re one of the industry leaders and are always on top of trends and using the latest technology in delivering results to clients, a basic setup could give the wrong impression to future partners. You want to walk your talk. 

So if you’re doing big business, you want that to reflect that image right away as soon as prospects walk into your reception area.


What Makes a Welcoming Reception Area

Basic or not, most all reception areas have these furnishings and components in common:

  • Office reception desk
  • A comfortable ergonomic chair for the receptionist
  • Comfortable guest chairs for the waiting area
  • A coffee table to hold magazines or provide a surface for the visitors for their personal belongings while they wait


But making a good first impression is not just about getting the right office furniture to match your brand persona and style. Here are some great practices your staff can start doing to make your reception area more welcoming.


Welcome each visitor with a friendly greeting. Whether your visitor is a client, an employee guest, or an applicant, the best way to make people feel welcome is to verbally acknowledge them as they arrive. 

There should be a visible path to your reception desk once they enter your facility. Your hired receptionist should be a ‘people’s person’. They should greet guests with an infectious smile, be friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable enough to answer any inquiry. 


Keep your reception area clean. The use of the reception desk covers anything from greeting customers, answering phone calls, and scheduling appointments, to dealing with transactions. No wonder it’s one of the most important pieces of office furniture in any business.

A messy desk is an immediate turn-off. If your reception area is visibly cluttered, it would likely leave an impression of laziness not just in your staff but of the entire business. It can leave guests with bad taste thinking you are disorganized and inattentive to detail which is bad in business. Make cleaning a habit! 


There should be appropriate lighting in your reception area. But before deciding on which lighting option you should go after, decide on what kind of mood you want to go after. Soft, bright light gives off a calm vibe. Low, warm light, on the other hand, creates a sense of home and charm for a family vibe. 

Avoid fluorescent lighting. This can come off as harsh, cold, and industrial, which does not work well in a reception setting.


Details! Details! Details! Fresh flowers, a well-maintained fish aquarium, or a tasteful piece of art can be a great addition to your space and leave a tasteful impression on your guests. Reading materials in the waiting area should be industry-related pieces. If you’ve won any industry awards, the reception area is the best place to display them. 


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