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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Office Furniture Online

March 26th, 2021 | Best Office Furniture

Since the pandemic, most of us have converted our home office to our main office. It’s no longer a random area where you file your papers. It’s our semi-permanent workspace where we do business and get work done. And to make work from home life more bearable and improve overall productivity, many have invested in buying office furniture. And most of us, thanks to COVID-related restrictions, are shopping for office furniture online. 

Online shopping for furniture definitely has its perks. You can literally skim through stores without leaving your couch. You don’t even have to worry about how you can bring it home since it will be shipped to doorsteps in no time. 

While the convenience it offers is attractive in itself, online shopping has its pitfalls too. Since you’re not interacting with the product physically, it’s easy to mismanage expectations especially if you’re not careful in reading the fine lines in the product description.

Here are five (5) common mistakes you should avoid when shopping for office furniture online.


Office Furniture Mistakes to Avoid


Not Paying Attention to Product Dimensions

Eyeballing the size of your space is not ideal especially when you’re looking into buying office furniture. Unless you’ve pulled out a measuring tape, you probably have no idea of how big or how small your space really is.

One of the major mistakes done by consumers is failing to check for product dimensions. Make sure you buy furniture that fits the actual size of your workspace. Your office chair should have enough room to freely and comfortably move in and out of the desk.

Buying Furniture that’s Not Compatible with Your Existing Ones

Aside from the size of your space, you should also consider if it fits your other furniture. For example, when buying a chair with an armrest, you want to make sure that it fits under your desk. Some of these chairs do not always fit under the desk space, especially if bought separately, due to the confines of the desk height.

After measuring your space, make sure you measure your desk dimensions as well. See if it’s compatible with the dimension of the chair you are looking to buy. Make sure your chair is not too large or too small for your desk and the overall space. Choose furniture that’s compatible with your existing ones to prevent it from looking awkward.

Choosing Style Over Function

Do it for the gram! But it’s not the most practical thing, is it? Just because you’ve achieved an Instagram-worthy-looking home office space does it mean that it’s the most comfortable or functional workspace. 

Your home office chair is the most important investment you will make. It may be the most stylish chair on the shelf but that doesn’t guarantee that it would support your body for long periods of time. A non-ergonomic chair can cause back and neck pain, discomfort, and fatigue, which eventually leads to reduced productivity.

The best solution is to shop in person at reputable commercial office furniture San Diego distributors like Arenson Office Furniture. We offer high-quality chairs that are made for long work hours. Our office chairs are durable, ergonomic, and have longer warranties.

Buying the Cheapest One

While there is nothing wrong with trying to find the best deals, there should always be a balance between balance and quality. If you’re just looking for the cheapest product, you will end up sacrificing quality. 

Cheap furniture is not made with the best quality materials, which means it may need to be replaced in a year or two. You’re not really saving money in the long run.

Buying furniture is making an investment. Do your research and read reviews. Make sure you choose pieces that are functional, comfortable, and support your body where needed. 

Choosing Furniture Pieces that Do Not Go Well Together

It is easy to overlook cohesiveness when you’re buying individual furniture pieces. If you’re looking into buying a gorgeous desk from one website and a bookshelf from another, you may want to consider how well they would go together when in the same room. Consider the actual color of both pieces and their design inspiration (rustic, traditional, etc.).

Plan out your space. Create a document with pictures of all the furniture you’re looking to buy with dimensions. This will ensure that no piece will be out of place or look awkward once the overall look of your workspace is complete.


Buying furniture is an investment so make sure you look for quality pieces that would suit your needs. Ill-fitting furniture can definitely take a toll on your physical health and overall productivity. 

Of course, the best way to avoid making shopping for office furniture online mistakes is to take the time to shop in store. That way you can try the furniture out before you buy and see how everything fits together before setting it up in your workspace. More than that, if you go to an experienced dealer, such as Arenson Office Furniture, their customer service representatives can provide space planning, finish samples, assembly and delivery, warranty service, and just expert advice.



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